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5 Ways to Make Your Digital Marketing More Effective

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

The world is coming online to reap the dividends of high speed 5G network and increasing number of mobile handsets. Now it is remarkably easy to trace online presence of most of the individuals. Taking the advantage of such a scenario, more and more brands are starting their online Digital Marketing in an effort to increase their sales growth and other business objectives.

It always makes sense to combine all of the different digital marketing options available to create a comprehensive, results-driven marketing campaign that is more likely to capture the attention of your customers. It goes beyond the information on what your company has to offer, into the specifics of what potential customers want to see.

In the content strategy for a company, generally how many blog posts or site pages are to be added per month and ideally what the topics should be, are determined. Though this is a good starting point, it’s not enough to generate the results you want.

Beyond frequency and topics, there are a few other considerations that result into content marketing success.

Here we will delve into those factors and how you can use them towards developing more effective content.

1. Identify your Target Audience

Prior to your content development process, it is essential to identify the audience of your content. Appealing all types of audience with similar content never works.

An easy way to start is with your company’s general demographic, but it is essential to explore beyond that. Creating marketing personas is a great way to address your audience in a more personal note, and it’s generally easier to write for one person instead of an entire group.

Once you have developed these personas, keep them in focus every time you sit down to write. What are their concerns? What tone will connect with them? What additional questions they might have about your topic? Write directly to another person, and you’ll be much more successful with your content.

2. Value Quality over Quantity

While planning your publishing schedule, it is always fulfilling to cover up your calendar with lots of posts. Though it is possible to execute it with a supporting team, it always works to focus on quality over quantity. The audience always appreciates value for their time and remembers impact over propensity.

Developing too much content is challenging in order to maintain the focus on strategy and difficult to identify engaging topics on a regular basis. As a result many companies resort to writing about topics that have been covered by plenty of other sites, which fails to provide anything original or valuable to their audience.

A topic may be considered as a good choice if other sites wrote about it, but if it’s already been covered in detail, you don’t want to repeat what has been already said. It always pays to select topics that your potential customers actually want to learn about and offer your unique perspective on the issue.

3. Work towards Goals and Objectives in Phases

A successful Digital Marketing outcome is the result of a continuous process. The results are not attained overnight and neither towards all objectives simultaneously. It needs long term association in this arena with hands on experience in carrying out the exercises towards the objectives.

It always pays to set your priorities towards initiating any Digital Marketing Campaign. To work towards a goal or an objective, the preliminary requirement is to identify the goal or the objective. In case they are not defined or loosely defined, there is no way in which we can achieve them precisely.

Every marketing campaign is planned with a certain end and an allocated budget. So for the best use of our resources including time, we should always clearly decide what we want to achieve with it. Above all, we must always remember that time is a nonrenewable resource and life-cycle of a brand is irreversible. The first step of every digital marketing campaign should be outlining its goals and objectives precisely. Just stating you want to increase sales or visitors doesn’t really signify anything. An increase of sales by 1 unit and 1000 units are both increase, but there is a wide gap in their impact towards brand growth.

While setting goals, you need to ensure they are defined and measurable.

The SMART method (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based) is a smart way towards developing goals. Instead of setting up a basic goal like increasing sales we can make a SMART goal that mentions you want to sell 25 of your latest product by the end of next month.

In a similar fashion, identifying small achievable objectives and goals that can be attained in shorter period and working towards them is a good practice. Achieving the smaller goals and objectives make us positive towards planning for more elaborate objectives.

4. Measure the Success of Your Campaigns

Not all your Digital Marketing Campaigns will see similar results, though we carry out the campaigns with a single minded focus to fetch a result. Digital domain is a dynamic environment, with multiple variables that affect the result of our efforts. So rather than being too exhilarated about the successes or too demotivated with the failures, we should scrutinize the contributing factors and impediments towards the smooth attainment of our goals.

In addition to it, we can test the success of a live campaign with a process called split testing.

Split testing is carried out using two or more combinations of marketing copy and images in order to see which combination delivers the best results. Assessing the success of your campaign, you can adjust for future campaigns or, if the current campaign is ongoing, improve it on-the-fly.

As a very basic example of split testing, you can send two slightly different emails to different subscribers on your mailing list. You can then monitor which email is getting the most clicks, sales, or responses and use that style of copy or design for future communications.

5. Set-up a Marketing Standard & Develop a Voice

People tend to have a great disliking for imitative content. If your email or posts are identical to the emails or posts of a different company, people instinctively know it and might develop a negative image about the imitating brand.

Do you have a structured method of developing, launching, and wrapping up your campaigns to ensure consistency? All these factors are a part of the marketing standards you create for yourself.

Most marketers are somehow aware, what they want to do, when they want to do it, and what it should look like. Yet very few actually create a set of campaign guidelines that define timelines, methods, and strategies. As a result, it becomes very difficult to develop a unique voice conforming the brand’s tonality when crafting new marketing campaigns. Which is why a disciplined methodology is essential to develop a sustaining Digital Marketing exercise.

In addition, as your marketing team grows, it is more difficult for new staff to understand the process of taking forward the Digital Marketing practices of an account. Developing standards, writing them down, and following them for every campaign will ensure the uniformity and approach is maintained.

Above all, you can use these standards to ensure that your brand’s voice is seen and heard through every email, social media post, and blog update.

Of course, as you grow and develop, you may change these standards to better suit the needs of your brand.

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