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How to Use Graphic Design as the Secret Success Sauce for your Digital Marketing strategy? - Part 3

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

From Part -1 and Part -2 of this mini-series, we have already understood how Graphic Designing is vital for digital marketing, today more than ever.

In the final part of this series, we continue to explore more ways in which effective usage of graphic design benefits the digital marketing strategy.

With minimal and simplified design basics, graphic designing has been adding contemporary flair to different formats in digital marketing. In the digital landscape, the attention span of the average web user is now shorter than that of a goldfish, which is of nine seconds. Human beings can maintain a focus for 6.8 seconds with our distracted state of mind today. So you have barely few seconds to grab the attention of your audience.

Designs have the ability to display a large amount of information schematically integrated in shorter time span. Naturally people remember the design representation of your informative content more easily than the written information you share.

Triggering impact-ful engagement

Well-designed content with high-quality visuals experience higher engagement. Adding powerful, original images will boost both reader engagement and social shares of your brand content.

Given below are some interesting statistics about how well-designed social media posts can influence user engagement:

  • Facebook posts with images have 37% higher engagement

  • Tweets with a visual element are retweeted 1.5 times more

  • Across all social media, infographics average 3 times more shares

  • 65% of people prefer emails with images

  • Personalized emails generate 6 times higher conversion rates than cold emails

Designing key visuals such as your articles’ featured visuals and thumbnails are worthwhile if you want to increase both awareness and engagement.

Incorporating interactive content into your design can also boost engagement across all mediums and platforms. Even emails are found to perform better with interactive elements.

Driving sales subconsciously

95% of purchase decision takes place in the subconscious mind.

Applying design elements that trigger emotions, such as strong color and powerful images can activate the subconscious to make decisions in your favor.

For instance, Red is a bold color tied to passion and power. It is seen that using this color for purchase buttons on your website or ads can increase your conversions by 34% by tapping into these emotions.

Using other colors to create a sense of urgency, a fear of missing out, or a sense of belonging can also trigger subconscious purchasing decisions.

There are occasions when less is more. Coupling your color choices with clean layouts and limited options also helps with decision fatigue and can drive more sales.

84.6% of web designers agree that crowded web design is one of the most common web design mistake.

For example, check out these product options on the website of Nua Bikes, custom made-to-order bicycles. Their minimalist color scheme, clean three column layout and sleek bicycle designs make it easy for users to make purchase choices.

By incorporating smart color choices, clean layouts and quality content, you will drive more sales.

Improving SERP rankings

Balanced design of your overall site and of your content will improve your search engine rankings, which in turn pulls in more customers.

Design can significantly impact the following areas of SEO:

  • User experience: How easy is content to find and consume? Is the site clumsy? Are page elements interfering with content? All these factors can determine your bounce rate, an important SEO metric for user behavior.

  • Readability: Since most website visitors scan a page rather than read every word, check if your content is laid out in an easy-to-read structure. Your content should be broken up with subheadings, short paragraphs, images, semantic keywords and bulleted lists.

  • Speed: If your website is too slow because of heavy design elements, your traffic will bounce fast.

So, what are your options to improve SERP rankings by using attractive design that could keep people engaged without overwhelming them?

You have quite a few. For example, condensing content with a user-friendly knowledge base software to improve your rankings and easily deliver content to users in a simple format where design is clean and never intrusive.

Or, depending on which website platform you use to create a website (or host it), you can pick a simple, yet vibrant design and even extend your site’s functionality with design and eCommerce plugins. For example, check this free design theme from WordPress. It includes great design elements that are vibrant enough to capture attention without any intrusive design elements that can sabotage your on-page behavior and SEO strategy.

Quality content is a genuine driver to achieve high Google rankings.

For developing great quality content, engaging visual design elements are key.

Excellent, original visuals can also help you rank well in search engine image searches. If your visual designs are popular and create a lot of engagement, Google will move them up higher in its image search results.

Encouragingly, earlier this year, Google removed the “view image” button and replaced it with a “visit” button which helps to drive users directly from the image search to your website.

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