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Why is using Animated Videos a smart choice for your business? - Part 1

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

A simple and easy approach

Animated business video is a great way to draw the attention of your audience, narrate the story behind your business intriguingly, show the human side of your business and get across highly complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner.

Though business owners are largely aware of the importance of videos for marketing purposes, sometimes they also find the simple way of animation as childish, and feel this may dilute the seriousness demanded by a business video. Though, it is just the other way round and the simple presentations of complex subjects is the basic reason for the effectiveness of an animation video.

Being aware of this effective appeal is the first step to utilize the power of animated business videos as amazing marketing resources.

People love to watch it and it is shareable

People instinctively choose watching a video over reading a chunk of written text while consuming online content. The volume of people (~80%) who will watch a complete video outnumber the volume of people who take an interest in reading the whole blog post.

People generally share videos that they watch and like. Recent reports indicate that videos can win up to 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. An interesting video sets the social circles for instantaneous word-of-mouth marketing, by encouraging almost 76% of users to spread these videos around their friends and family.

By introducing an amazing marketing video, more prospects will watch it and they will also be inclined to share it throughout their social media networks to showcase an attractive web persona. Effectively, your own audience will work as exciting marketers for your company!

Animated videos also generally cost lesser than full fledged production. Live action videos demand a whole set of logistics and requirements that costs more.

Animated videos are remembered longer - leave deeper impact and are better at engaging audience

Animated explainer videos tend to live longer, just because remembering something that you watched on a video is easier than remembering something that you read as text. Our minds can process an image 50,000 times faster than a group of written words. Our brains are also programmed for keeping that information more effectively than anything we read on a piece of paper. The information stored under a minute of video is equivalent to around a staggering 1.8 million words.

Explainer videos also have the power to transform something made for promotional purposes into something that is compelling. This is true engagement, after all compelling someone who’s watching you do something will be beneficial to your brand. Your audience may not always follow your call-to-action, but they will know about your product in detail and will feel closer to your brand. They may not purchase your product immediately, but there is a fair chance they can buy it in the near future.

Some Handy and Useful Notes

Note that you need to design characters that are fun to watch, use the colors of your brand with discretion, and connect your story directly to your audience’s hearts.

You can manage all of this by making a custom animated video, which will result as being beneficial to both your audience and your company. When your visitors can identify with your brand, they get closer to your offer and they follow the trail towards making the decision of buying your product.

YouTube is another search engine of great relevance. So you should focus to make your explainer video attractive for it too. Data suggests that 25% of consumers do research on YouTube on a product they’re considering buying. Due to it, 75% of marketers are tagging keyword on YouTube, creating specific entries to connect with people searching for content.

Videos are already popular with viewers. Having marketing videos on your site will provide your audience direct access to your video - without even looking for it! The best advantage of animated video on YouTube is that it can serve as an autonomous marketing unit. Your audience can have a very good idea of your business after looking at your video - without visiting your website first!

Check the various kinds of videos that businesses can use here.

For more conversions and sales - try animated videos

Marketers consider video content as the generator of more conversions than anything else. Businesses that use videos for marketing campaigns, get around 40% more traffic coming from search engines than businesses not using videos. In fact, websites with a video on their landing page can generate conversions of up to 80%.

The reason is simple, animated videos have the ability to get straight to your audiences' core. If you managed to create interesting and attractive characters who can draw a powerful message through animation, then your video will connect your story with your viewers. That connection will develop trust with your brand. This trust will inspire your audience to purchase your product. A complete and proven sales cycle.

Stay tuned for the second part of this article.

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