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Types of Video Content Every Marketer Should Know About - Part 2

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

For getting the maximum mileage from your content marketing, video content is an absolute necessity. We have already discussed the principal type of video categorization that delivers on ‘Awareness’.

‘Engagement’ is the next category of video content which may be further categorized as we will see in the second part of our mini-series of articles on this topic.

Read the first part , if you haven’t already.

Types of Video Content that Drives Engagement

1. Humorous Video/ Skit

Next time you’re watching an ad that really makes you laugh, check your feelings about the advertiser. You would already be feeling a connection with the brand for the wonderful time it gifted you. So you realize, making your viewers laugh with your commercial is already a step towards making them interested towards your brand.

As targeting growing demographics like Millennials and Gen Y (and Gen Z), shows that a great shift in thinking has taken place, you must be aware of their preferences. Younger generations are more open and responsive to humor, especially when it comes to social media.

We’ve noticed many brands successfully selling their products or services using humor through social media. There is a reason for this too: just consider your personal preferences on social media, someone who shares funny content is definitely finds their way to many a people's news-feed because, well, it's entertaining. In fact, entertaining content was one of the top five reasons people follow particular brands or individuals online.

Check out this hilarious ad by Pidilite that will get you out of your seat bursting with laughter with its brilliant witty ad connecting the story line with its product Fevikwik. It is short yet full of impact. That's the sheer power of humor at play here.

Including humor into your strategy can bring out a more humane side which is refreshing to customers in this ever growing technological world. This can genuinely benefit your brand as it contributes to building a connection with the online community.

While humor is instrumental in connecting with your current audience, it can also contribute in attracting a new audience and re-branding exercises. Though this is a strategy that needs to be well thought out but, if done successfully, can totally transform the way people view your brand.

One of the most obvious reasons for brands using humor is that it’s a common denominator in viral content. In fact, it was concluded in a research that humor was the universal appeal for making content go viral (source : Moz).

Why do brands love this? Besides the huge exposure it also makes the brand memorable.

The basic reason for humor clicking in social media could quite simply be that it evokes emotions and laughter. This is really beneficial for brands because laughter is social. It brings people together.

When a brand creates memorable, humorous content, it can easily become a conversation piece in social settings.

2. Vlog

A video blog or video log, usually shortened to vlog, is a form of blog for which the medium of communication is video. Vlog entries often combine embedded video with supporting text, images, and other metadata. Entries can be recorded in one take or cut into multiple parts.

Basically it is a video blog that records a person’s thoughts, opinions, and interests typically for publication on the internet. This is more commonly used by the influencers than the brands. But you can always use it to showcase your brand’s presence as well.

Video blogs have the power to differentiate your brand from other businesses. By introducing your team and your work on video, you’ll be showing the world the true spirit of your company. The people who make the magic happen are those who can easily be identified as friends by the public as you continue blogging regularly and build up a rapport with viewers.

If you are reluctant to get your team on screen, there is still plenty of opportunity to create videos that add a human face and relevance to your brand. With animation, voice overs, animal actors, and even some creative use of everyday objects, you can get some great results.

Vlogging gives you greater control over branding. You can refine the way every part of your video comes across, ensuring that perceptions are made the way you planned. There is hardly any scope of communication gap with the voice tone, body language, visual aids, and more available options to underline your point.

3. Video Emails

Even sales people use videos to hit their numbers. The trend started in the past six months. It’s relatively harder to ignore a message titled “Hey Sandipan, made a video for you,” especially when the other ones in my inbox are standard work messages.

An effective sales email video is around one minute long. Introduce yourself, explain why you’re reaching out, and ask for a quick call to “talk about their goals for relevant strategy or department here.”

Stay tuned for the last blog of the topic to know more about the Educational Video Content and its finer variations. Use them in your business and emerge as a fast growing content marketer.

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