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Types of Video Content Every Marketer Should Know About - Part 3

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

From Part -1 and Part -2 of this mini-series, we are already familiar with the two principal types of video categorization that delivers on Awareness and Engagement of our audience.

In this final part of this series, we're going to explore the types of video content that brands can use to educate their audience, about their business, brand, or any other topics relevant to them and require audience education.

Types of Education-oriented Video Content

1. How-to/ Explainer Video

These are hands down the most popular form of educational video content out there right now.

A how-to/ explainer video takes your audience through a process, or answers a common question. They’re great for building brand credibility and developing trust between you and your audience.

For e.g., in this video, Tech Design Studios explains the importance of Social Media Marketing for your company. Tech Design Studios manages social media marketing for their clients’ business. So explaining the reasons why you need a social media marketing plan for your company can get your audience to seek out your business when they have need. Since you would have already established a trust in their minds by delivering useful information, it works as a great gateway strategy for your potential customers.

To make your first how-to/ explainer video, identify with a list of questions your customers usually have. Select one that’s relatively straightforward and produce a short video explaining it.

Or simply hire us to do this for you in a professional manner.

2. Product Review Video

Consumers generally never buy products these days without consulting their friends and the internet. This makes a product review video so useful. Your audience feels like they’re getting an honest review from someone they like and trust in a very convenient format.

However, it’s always difficult to review your own product without appearing biased. Keeping that in mind, try giving influencers a sample, trial, or freebie and request them to share their thoughts in a video.

To give you an idea, check out this review of espresso machine Oracle Touch by Sage/ Breville. Not only does Sage get access to the creator’s audience, it also gets to tap into James Hoffman's credibility.

3. Question & Answer Video

There are many ways in which “Question and Answer” or Q&A videos can be approached from a creative standpoint. You can record someone being interviewed — consider someone from your company interviewing an expert. Or you can take questions from your audience in an event and answer them on-camera, on the lines of AMAs (AMA stands for Ask Me Anything).

The first option is more appropriate for B2B companies, while the second is ideal for consumer brands.

Here is the first of the fourteen Q & A series by Roompot - Charles Cycling Team where you get to know their riders through a series of trivial or serious questions. The Team is a young organization with a group of very enthusiastic and motivated riders and employees. The video is a part of introducing the organization's Pro-Continental cycling team for 2019 with a Dutch and Belgian background supported by naming partners Roompot Vakanties and Charles to the team's fans.

4. Announcement Video

An announcement video is always a great option for generating interesting content. Whether you’re launching a new product, having an event, opening another store, or starting an initiative, an announcement video helps you get the message across and builds excitement.

Here is an exciting Hershey Park's Announcement video. This is about a lovely brand new "Chocolatetown" that they are launching in Summer 2020 presented through a kid-friendly animation.

5. Case Study/ Testimonial Video

Case studies and Testimonials are great video content for conversions. It’s all because of the social proof, or the psychological phenomenon that triggers people to want something when they see others using it.

Try to find a customer/ user who’s found great results or has an incredible story of their association with your brand. If you need some inspiration, watch how the Google Doodle helps us connect with people around the world.

“The first Doodle was created by Larry and Sergey, our founders,” explains Perla Campos, a marketer on the Doodle team. “They were going to Burning Man … so they put the festival logo behind the Google one as a sort of out of office message.” Twenty years later, it’s still going strong.

6. Product Tour Videos

Generally the first-time visitors to your website would want to know how your product will improve their lives. But they are not ready to read a bunch of text or scroll through a series of images — that’s a pain for them to know if your product is of any use for them. Enter, product videos

A basic overview of your solution gives them their answer. They can watch for themselves what your product looks like and does. If the product video can establish its usefulness, they’ll usually convert.

Nikon D7200’s two-minute product tour video does a nice job of demoing the product in a friendly, easy-to-understand way.

7. Feature Explainer Video

Zooming in on one aspect or feature of your product can be helpful too. A feature explainer video is a great way to do just that. Rather than covering all the principal features as it is generally done in a product tour, focus on how one particular thing works, its general use cases, and why it’s so valuable, to hook user's attention.

For e.g. watch ‘How to upload and share a file with Dropbox?

In this video the host shows the process of uploading a file to Dropbox, and then he shows you how to share that file with others.

You can even include clips like this on your website; plus, you can even send them to prospects who are interested in specific features.

8. Live talks/ Presentations

If one of your team members is giving a speech, you can always use that as an engaging part of your Marketing content. Record their presentation, talk, or panel discussion, do minor editing, and get a great piece of content, with minimal efforts.

Here is Google CEO Sundar Pichai in an amazing demo at Google I/0, explaining how Google's Assistant can actually ring up a salon or a restaurant to make an appointment for you.

Videos Rule, Do You?

Videos can play a valuable role during every stage of your marketing funnel — from attracting new leads to turning them into paying customers. We hope this guide to the different types of videos inspires you.

If you have any questions, please share in the comments.

If you’ve been considering getting started with video production activities for growing your business, then consider partnering with us.

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