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Why is using Animated Videos a smart choice for your business? - Part 2

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Much deliberation and efforts are put in to develop products and services for businesses. Yet even a useful product or service needs marketing support to catch up with the market. Present online ecosystem has brought with it multiple ways to market various products and services.

The most popular way to be on the radar of your target audience would be good animated videos for your business.

Animated videos are useful in highlighting the key features in your company or product in an easy to understand way. If you are looking forward to sell a product, explain a concept or an idea to a large number of people, animated videos are a proven means to keep them engaged and curious in your points to be made.

Let us get along with our mini-series on why animated videos perform so well for your business.

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Animation videos can intensify your email marketing

Email marketing is a strong marketing tool till date. Using it judiciously, it can generate more quality traffic to your site than any other tool. The inclusion of a quality animation video in your email marketing campaign can increase traffic by as much as 50%.

It's been observed that just the mention of the word ‘video’ in an email subject rises click-through rate by 65%.

There are a few processes to be followed to achieve the above benchmarks.

  1. Include your video at the end of your email, next to your signature.

  2. Create a YouTube channel for your company, add one video on a regular basis and embed it in any section of the website.

  3. Create an informational animated video that showcases the identity of your company in a brief, clear and fun way. This generic video creates a wonderful impression to all the viewers who find a chance to go through it.

Animation Videos impress clients at sales meetings and attract attention at events

An interesting animated video is much more attractive and appealing than just a good old PowerPoint presentation for Sales Meetings.

An animation in a meeting is a better way to get your message reaching to potential clients and can be quite helpful in sealing the deal in your favor. In an exhibition, displaying a stunning animation is a time tested way to generate a crowd and start a conversation with them. Way to leave an impression, isn't it?

Animated videos help clients to understand your product

The clear communication about your product and delivering a thorough understanding about it is absolutely essential for the potential clients. Without understanding about any product or service and realizing the solution that it provides for him/ her, clients are going to have hard time for deciding to buy your product or service. Animation is perhaps the best way for that purpose.

Your company offers products and services designed to make the life of your consumers easier. Animated videos are great ways to show real life instances of how your products and services will make that possible.

There is scope to easily break down the functionality of your product to its simplest forms with the aid of such a video. Promoting your product through such videos might work wonders.

Animated video saves you time and money

Live-action videos get outdated way faster for different changing elements like fashion. An animation video does not have any such issues and will retain the same appeal for longer without any major updates required. Thus animation videos can save your resources and money due to their longer shelf life.

Moreover an animated video has the power to cover a large narrative within minutes, and even seconds. In a fast moving environment of recent times, this is a great advantage. Most of the people are reluctant to spend too much time on a single topic. So you would have the advantage of putting forward your point in lesser time to your target audience without bouncing them off.

The internet serves as a global marketplace and you can target an international audience while using it. Animations can serve age/ gender/ nationality neutral content while showcasing your business, which live-action videos cannot. So animation can appeal to a universal audience.

Animated videos bring your ideas to life

Animated videos are efficient in presenting any type of story-line. You can weave your narrative from any angle you wish to. For instance, you can create a narrative focusing on how your product can transform the life of your current users.

You can use this to visually display and communicate what you hope to tell your client.

If you’ve been considering to getting started with video production activities for growing your business, then consider hiring us.

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